Business Analytics 3ED

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(Rochester, (University, /, Anderson, Cincinnati), David, Dennis, Fry, Institute, Michael, of, Sweeney, Technology), Thomas, Williams


3rd, edition







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University of Waikato – ECONS205-20A (HAM) – Semester One

Overview Cover the full range of analytics --from descriptive and predictive to prescriptive analytics -- with Camm/Cochran/Fry/Ohlmann/Anderson/Sweeney/Williams' market-leading BUSINESS ANALYTICS, 3E. Clear, step-by-step instructions help students learn how to use Excel as well as powerful, but easy-to-use software, such as JMP Pro and the Excel Add-in Analytic Solver. The authors introduce students to more advanced analytics concepts while giving you, the instructor, the freedom to choose your preferred software for teaching the concepts. Extensive solutions to problems and cases save you time in grading and helping students master the material. In addition, MindTap customizable digital course solution offers an interactive eBook, auto graded exercises from the book, algorithmic practice problems with solutions and Exploring Analytics visualizations to strengthen understanding of course concepts.